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A failing well series: Intro.

Here’s to having fears and conquering them. Here’s to failing well.

The best of us is not trying to be perfect but to know that it is okay to accept the lessons as they come to us, especially when they do not come on our terms.

Alexei Orlov on Failing Well

I am joining Abi Booth in his ‘failing well’ series, a series he started, to expose himself to what it means to fail. I will be sharing stories of how I intentionally participated in stuff that I wasn’t good at, my experiences, and my lessons from failing. This exercise would help me get to know me better, and also help me understand my reactions to ‘failing.’

What does failing well mean?

Failing well means intentionally using every stumble you encounter on your path as a component towards learning. In failing well, you celebrate your mistakes, and you look into your struggles, pick up understanding and knowledge, and you come out a better person. 

I remember how I had cried my eyes out when things had not gone according to plan at work. This experience, among many others, has taught me how very intense and passionate I can be with what I do, and how having anything less than perfection had seemed like failing to me. 

I keep teaching myself that I don’t have to be perfect here, hence, with this exercise, I want to mindfully throw myself into the deep end and explore things that I am not comfortable with doing. I will go to places that I haven’t let myself go to, and I will learn how well I can handle mistakes and how I’d react to letdowns and stumbles down the road. This will be very intentional as I am going to be writing all about my experiences doing these things in my part of the ‘failing well’ series. You can join in and tag me when you do!

Here’s to having fears and conquering them. Here’s to failing well. 🍷

By Ifunanya Okolie

I am exploring how to become the best version of humanity.

4 replies on “A failing well series: Intro.”

Thank you for this beautiful write-up.

I’m usually afraid of trying out new things because I don’t want to fail. But that’s a good way to learn too.

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My dear Ifunanya, life gets crazy a lot of times but reading your write-ups lights me up!

I like that you’re reminding us to step out of our comfort zones and dare to live fearlessly.

I like that we’re collectively realizing that there’s beauty in failing.

I like how inspired I feel right now.

Cheers to you too, and here’s to hoping that we stay true to this resolve.

Thank you Ifunanya for your light and encouraging words.

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Chiamaka, I stared at your comment for so long because I didn’t know what to write or how best to reply. Your words brought warmth to me, and I appreciate your thoughts very much on my writing. Thank you so much for who you are, and also, thank you for your beautiful words.❤️


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