Hi, my name is Ifunanya Okolie, and I love telling stories.

Welcome to Winged Time Traveller, a platform where stories of personal growth, travel, finance, and more come together. I’m Ifunanya Okolie, and I’m passionate about telling stories about the world I’ve seen and the people in it.

In addition to this blog, I also own a platform for creatives called Creatives Around Us. It’s a space where I share love stories of people who are changing the world through their creativity and community.

Through my experiences, I’ve come to understand the power of building relationships across cultures. That’s why I share my personal stories and insights on this blog, to inspire and connect with others who share my curiosity for the world.

Join me on this journey of self-discovery and growth, where we explore the world and ourselves, one story at a time. Let’s breathe, learn from each other, bravely face our fears, embrace new experiences together, and create a community that speaks honestly and authentically.